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Ascend Counseling Programs

Our programs utilize evidence based practices, e.g., motivational interviewing, reality and cognitive behavioral therapy. Our programs are steeped heavily in the stages of change model. Program components focus upon increasing the offender’s motivation for long term substance use change/abstinence and reduction and to reduce recidivism. The majority of offenders that are court ordered have short-term motivation for change. Once an offender is motivated for long-term change regarding their issues with economic crime or substance use - they are more willing to voluntarily attend support groups for their addictions and seek additional counseling if needed. Our programs are highly interactive and the use of videos is used sparingly compared to other education based 1-2 day programs offered by other agencies.  Are programs are highly interactive.

Economic Crime Program

The E.C. program is a 6 hour class that challenges offenders to examine the motivations behind their economic crimes and the true personal, legal, and societal negative impact those behaviors have. Offenders with any crime involving theft are appropriate i.e. retail fraud, shoplifting, embezzlement, larceny, etc.  The program is offered in multiple locations in mid & upper Michigan.  Please see our program calendar under our Upcoming Classes link.

Economic Crime Program Components

A.H.S.E. (Alcohol Highway Safety Education) & Alcohol Awareness Program

A.H.S.E. is half day alcohol educational program designed for first offense drunk driving offenders, alcohol related offenses and offenders 18-20 years of age that have been convicted of M.I.P. (Minor in Possession) but do not meet the criteria for needing a more intense alcohol treatment program.  M.I.P. offenders benefit from being a program with some older offenders that have received M.I.P.'s when they were younger and have received additional alcohol offenses such as drinking & driving arrests.

A.H.S.E. Program Components

D.A.T.E. (Drug & Alcohol Treatment/Education) Programs

The D.A.T.E. program is designed for individuals that have had legal problems as a result of their alcohol and or drug use. Most of our referrals are for DUI 1, DUI 2, drug possession & use. Additionally, offenders are also referred for jail diversion or probation violations involving alcohol or drug use.

8 Hour (1 Day) D.A.T.E. Program Components